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Outpatient Service 門診服務 Inpatient Service 住院服務 Operating Service 手術服務 Endoscopy Service 內視鏡服務 Radioglogy & Image Service 放射診斷服務 Allied Health Service 輔助醫療服務
Breast Centre 乳房中心 Cardiac Centre 心臟中心 Dental Centre 牙科中心 Weight & Metabolic Centre 減重及代謝中心 Chinese Medicine 中醫服務 Health Check-ups 健康檢查
 [Elderly Health Assessment Pilot Programme (EHAPP)]
  To facilitate early identification of risk factors and to promote healthy ageing, we have launched the Elderly...
 [[Shatin Clinic] Chinese Medicine Service Discount]
  We are providing special discount on Chinese Medicine Service at our Shatin Clinic from now till 30 August 201...
 [Heaven Moxibustion]
  Dates for Heaven Moxibustion in 2014 : 1st (18 July 2014) 2nd (28 July 2014) 3rd (7 Aug 2014) Price : $650...
 [Evangel Hospital Dental Centre Now Open]
  Our first community dental centre is now opened at Cho Yiu Chuen to serve the needy people in Kwai Chung distr...
 [Evangel Hospital is awarded International Bariatric Center of Excellence]
  Since 2009, Evangel has formed a multidisciplinary team from various specialties providing surgical treatment ...
 [Bank Credit Card Promotions (63% off)]
  From now till 31 Dec 2014, we have a special offer for particular credit cardholders on our Body Check Up Prog...
 [Free Screening of Coronary Heart Disease]
  Coronary heart disease is the second chronic diseases in Hong Kong and it can be prevented. In order to increa...
 [Chinese Medicine Special Acupuncture Treatments]
  We are providing the following Chinese Medicine Special Acupuncture Treatments to patients : - Beauty and Sli...
Health Talks & Seminars
 [E-Angel Training Course 2014]
 Welcome to contact us for joining the team of volunteers, E-angels.

Training Period : 7 Oc...
 [Clinical Aromatherapy Certifcate Program]
 Clinical Aromatherapy Certifcate Program
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