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Background of Hospital
Evangel Hospital opened its doors to serve the community in 1950s. The Hospital began as a joint project of the Evangelical Free Church of China and the Evangelical Free Church of America. The medical ministry started as a medical centre in the Kowloon City area. The Hospital moved to its existing site in 1965 and was formally named the Evangel Hospital. A Board consisting of members appointed by the Evangelical Free Church of China is responsible for the overall operation of the Hospital.
The objective of the Hospital is to demonstrate the compassion of God through the provision of holistic care by ministering to serve the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the whole person. The Hospital provides quality health care services in the spirit of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Scope of Service
Evangel Hospital is a non-profit making community hospital providing preventive and curative care in the areas of family medicine, specialist treatment and hospitalization. Patients are treated by family doctors and, if required, referred to specialists for further management.

The Hospital emphasizes primary care as well as inpatient services, which include general medicine, respiratory medicine, cardiology, endocrine and metabolic medicine, neurology, oncology, dermatology, psychiatry, GI and hepatobiliary medicine, general surgery, breast surgery, bariatric surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, gynaecology, ENT, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery and urology. There are four fully equipped operating theatres and four advanced endoscopy suites in the Hospital.
The allied health services include pharmacy, laboratory, diagnostic and interventional radiology, physiotherapy and dietetics. The Radiology Department has the updated imaging equipment such as CT scanner, MRI machine, PET-CT scanner and lithotripsy machine.
Evangel Hospital also extends its services by runningcommunity clinic, Chinese Medicine Clinic, optometric centre, psychological assessment & counselling centre at various locations (Shatin, Kowloon City and To Kwa Wan). They are an integral part of the Evangel Hospital.
Evangel Hospital is a not-for-profit organization with no subvention from the government. It operates on a self-financing basis. The profits gained from the operation of the Hospital are used for the development of high quality health care and in charitable medical services. The Hospital from time to time receives donations for specific purposes, such as for improvement of the facilities and purchasing of expensive equipment.
The Hospital has a Chaplaincy Department which is committed to serve the spiritual needs of the patients, their families and the staff members of the Hospital and shares the Gospel with them. The Department works with a group of trained volunteers known as E-Angels who care for the patients and their families both in the hospital and at the community clinics. Follow up care is also supported by the E-Angels.
Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality preventative and curative healthcare to the general public and to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We aim to assist patients to attain physical and spiritual health and well-being. To accomplish our mission, we have the following commitments:

We are committed to providing personalized and high quality health care service. Caring and reliable health care services of the highest standard are provided for the well-being of our patients and their families to enhance their quality of life, by being sensitive and responsive to the changing needs and expectations of our patients, through continuously applying the human touch and improving our facilities, and the knowledge and skills of our staff and processes.
We are committed to building up a team of loyal staff with the necessary professional knowledge and skills. They are devoted to provide outstanding services of the highest standard to our clients through continuous improvement and innovation.
We are committed to serving the community by extending our services to other districts. We serve more people through setting up of community clinics.
We are committed to providing holistic and compassionate care. We demonstrate the compassion of God through the provision of a holistic care by ministering to the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of a whole person.
Evangel Hospital Board of Directors (2022-2023)
Chairman Dr. Lin Tat Pang
Vice-chairman Mr. Ho Wing Ip
  Dr. Cheung Wang Yan, Warren
Secretary Ms. Li Wai Yuen, Lucia
Directors Dr. Chan Becky
  Mr. Chan Cheuk Yin
  Mr. Chan Hung Yuen, Robert
  Dr. Lau Ip Tim
  Mr. Leung Chung Kong, Tony
  Mr. Li Chi Ming
  Mr. Poon Wai Man
  Prof. Wong Kam Yuet
  Mr. Wong Lai Wing
  Ms. Wong Pui Ki
  Mr. Wong Yan Wai
With Love, We care beyond boundary~

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