Three-Nine’s Natural Moxibustion
Natural moxibustion is a type of moxibustion in which herbal medicines are applied at the acupoints to produce blistering and local congestion, also known as vesiculation moxibustion.

One of the basic and important concepts in traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes humans are in adaptive conformity with the natural environment, thus one should take appropriate actions to regulate the yin-yang balance in the body when weather changes. Three-nine’s natural moxibustion refers to have moxibustion every nine days after winter solstice three times consecutively to promote the growth of yang-qi and to eliminate or reduce diseases related to cold pathogenic factors.

1) over-sensitive diseases: asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergic rhinitis and chronic cough
2) cold-pathogen related diseases: stomachache, diarrhea, different kinds of pains & arthritis
3) people who susceptible to have colds and or people with spleen-kidney yang deficiency

We suggest those who had the summer natural moxibustion to continue this three-nine’s natural moxibustion to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment and we also welcome those who haven’t had the summer treatment to promote the yang-qi.

Evangel Hospital Chinese Medicine Clinic
Tel : 2762 2218

【乳腺炎】【肩頸痛】- 免費網上講座
日期:2021年11月18日 (四)

日期:2021年12月17日 (五)


電話 : 2757 6336
Whatsapp : 9492 7884

Student Myopia Control Lenses Promotion
During the pandemic period, students has been spending more time at home and using electronic products, their situation of short sight may become worse if they played with digital devices for a period of long time.

From now till 31 Dec 2021, client who purchases a pair of myopia control lenses at our Optometric Centre can enjoy 40% discount on designated frames. There is also a discounted frame with myopia control lens package ($3800).

If you would like to know more about myopia control lense, please feel free to consult our professional registered optometrist.

Evangel Hospital Optometric Centre

Address: Shop 15, G/F, Chi Chun Lau, Chun Seen Mei Chuen, Fu Ning Street, Kowloon City, Hong Kong.

Service Hours : Monday - Saturday 10am - 6:30pm (Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays)

Tel: 2526 5308

Influenza Vaccines 2021-22 (Quadrivalent IIV4)
Influenza can be caused by various types of influenza viruses. In Hong Kong, the two subtypes of influenza A virus, H1N1 and H3N2, and influenza B virus, are most commonly seen. Influenza occurs in Hong Kong throughout the year, but is usually more common in periods from January to March/April and from July to August.
Given that influenza vaccines are safe, effective and severe cases can occur even in healthy persons, all persons aged 6 months or above, except those with known contraindications, are recommended to receive seasonal influenza vaccination for personal protection.

The egg-based quadrivalent influenza vaccines recommended by the SCVPD for the 2021-22 season contain the following:
• an A/Victoria/2570/2019 (H1N1)pdm09-like virus
• an A/Cambodia/e0826360/2020 (H3N2)-like virus
• a B/ Washington/02/2019-like virus
• a B/Phuket/3073/2013-like virus

Please contact our Outpatient Department at 2711 5222 for any query about the influenza vaccines.

瞓唔好 瞓極都唔夠 點算好?
「瞓唔好 瞓極都唔夠」是不少香港人面對的問題,長期睡眠不足會令人反應變得遲鈍和記憶力減退,亦會影響情緒等。睡眠困擾可能與身體狀況有關,如阻塞性睡眠窒息症等因素。向醫生求助,找出真正原因,並按情況接受治療,方為上策。

● 家居睡眠測試
● 自我評估(嗜睡量表、睡眠窒息篩查問卷、失眠嚴重性指標)
● 醫生評估兩次
● 檢測報告(專科醫生撰寫)
收費:$1600 (全科醫生診症) / $2340 (專科醫生診症)


查詢電話:2711 5222

3 in 1 Weight Management Program
“Checkup + Dietary + Physiotherapy”

The new “3 in One Weight Management Program” is a comprehensive and effective way to management your weight easily. Our general physician, registered dietitian and physiotherapist work together to provide you with checkups, dietary consultations, and exercise instructions. We have 3 different packages to meet your needs. Please contact our professionals for more details.

Dietetics Counseling Services

Enquiry:2711 5222

Emergency Response Level
for Novel Infectious Disease of Public Health Significance
(Updated on:24/08/2021)

Total Knee Replacement Operation Package
The aim of total knee replacement is to reduce the knee pain and improves the range of movement, so that people can have a pain free, functional knee. The average survival for total knee replacement is around 15 to 20 years, it is recommended that for patient age over 50 and with severe knee pain can consider joint replacement surgery.

Severe osteoarthritis knee, rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis, fracture that lead to severe knee pain, swelling and limited range of movement.

Aims of surgery:
• To reduce pain
• To Improve the range of movement of knee

Operation Procedure:
• Total knee replacement is performed with a 15-20 cm midline wound across the knee joint. The articular bone and cartilage at femoral side and tibial side have to be removed. The implants are fixed with cement.
• The femoral articular surface and tibial tray are made of cobalt-chromium and titanium alloys. The articulate insert is made of highly cross-linked polyethylene.

Package Price:$128,000

Details of Package:

Operation Service Page:

Enquiry:2711 5222 / 2760 3421 (Out-patient Department)

FREE Pick Free Test Promotion
From 7 April 2021, anyone who participates in a checkup package of more than HKD4,000 (discounted price) in our hospital could get a "FREE Pick" lab test item for free (which worth $495 to $725). The offer is on first come first serve basis.

Enquiry : 2711 5222 (Outpatient Department)

COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Test
COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Test

Eqnuiry & Appointment : 2711 5222 (Outpatient Department)

Corporate Outreach Service : 2757 6556 / 2757 6920 (Corporate Communication & Marketing Department)

Poster :

Online Booking System (Outpatient & Physiotherapy)
We are providing online booking arrangement for the Outpatient and Phsyiotherapy Services now, please use the following shortcut :
Online Booking System
to access our online booking page. Please select your preference (service, doctor / professionals, date / time of visit, etc.), and provide your personal information, our colleagues will follow up and contact you to confirm the appointment soon.

— New case and follow up case could use online booking arrangement.
— We will contact you via SMS, email or phone call for booking confirmation.
— For changing appointment time or updating of information, please contact our Outpatient Department at 2711 5222 or Physiotherapy Department at 2760 3444.

Bank Credit Card Promotions (62% off)
From now till 31 Dec 2021, we have a special offer for particular credit cardholders on our Body Check Up Programs. The discounted price is up to $1,790 (62% discount on our original price) (Package : HANG1) when the bill is settled by specific credit card. Welcome to contact us at 2711 5222 for details.

Checkup Page





播道醫院 物理治療部
查詢電話:27760 3444

無線檢測設備「測得自在 睡得自然」

█ 多頻道睡眠測試 █

優惠價:HK$9,900 (額滿即止)

查詢電話:2711 5222

「身體的感覺」 與 「情緒」 之間

電話 : 2176 0222

Whatsapp : 9492 7884 (企業傳訊及業務推廣部)
(電話: 2176 0222)

• 屬功能性疾病,病人腸道結構正常,但卻經常感到腹痛、腹脹、肚瀉或便秘。
• 不會併發嚴重疾病,卻對生活構成極大困擾,影響患者的社交甚至工作表現。
• 雖未能完全根治,但在服用醫生處方藥物的同時,加上營養指導及體感療癒心理治療三綫並行,當可大大提高治療效果。

- 心理治療諮詢5次
計劃收費:$5000 (原價:$5500)
查詢:2176 0222

【低發酵性碳水化合物飲食治療計劃 Low FODMAP Diet】
- 註冊營養師營養諮詢4次
計劃收費:$1400 (原價:$1550)
查詢:2760 3421

1. 計劃須於6個月內完成,確認參加有關計劃後,不設取消、轉讓名額或退款。
2. 除以上計劃外,有關服務亦可按節收費 -
3. 營養諮詢:第一次諮詢 $470,其後每節 $360。
4. 心理治療:每節 $1100 (只限指定心理治療師)。
5. 此計劃只適用於播道醫院,並不適用於沙田門診。
6. 優惠期至2021年12月31日

醫管局轉介 - 物理治療服務優惠

1. 醫管局轉介病人可獲物理治療服務八折優惠,優惠只適用於門診服務,並不適用於住院服務。
2. 病人必須持有醫管局轉介信正本,方可享此優惠。
3. 每封醫管局轉介信之有效優惠期為三個月,期間不限使用次數。
4. 此優惠不適用於中風復康、腦科復康、心胸肺復康或職業治療服務。
5. 此優惠不適用於購買醫療用品。
6. 此優惠可與醫療券同時使用。
7. 此優惠不可與其他優惠同時使用。
8. 優惠細節以本院物理治療部資訊為準,歡迎致電查詢,條款如有更改恕不另行通知。

查詢電話:2760 3444 (物理治療部)


特價:$1650 * (原價:$2210)
* 此評估不包括醫生診症費


電話 : 2711 5222




查詢 : 2176 0222

First hospital in Hong Kong to launch Nutrigenomix genetic testing service
Nutrigenomix was founded by leading researchers in the field of nutrigenomics and personalized nutrition. The genetic tests are developed according to stringent standards of scientific evidence and include personalized recommendations that are actionable. Currently, dietitians and doctors in more than 22 countries have registered to become authorized providers of Nutrigenomix. Evangel Hospital is the first hospital in Hong Kong to launch this test. Saliva samples are collected by simple non-invasive method, and sent for analysis at University of Toronto Lab which is CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited. A nutrigenomics report and personalized research based dietary recommendations will be returned to help promote health and reduce risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.


查詢 : 2176 0222


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