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Inpatient Service


Semi-Private Single Room

Mixed Wards

Our Mixed Wards are located on the second and fourth floors of the hospital. We have different types of rooms on our wards (Single rooms, Semi-Private Single rooms, Double rooms & 3-5 bed rooms).


We provide inpatient care for patients referred by different specialists. We also provides Sleep Study and Day Care Surgery services.

Ward Facilities
  1. All rooms are well equipped with all neccessary facilities.
  2. There are individual bed side audio & video systems that have a number of channels and can provide soft music, hymns and testimonies.
  3. The hospital can provide free Wi-Fi Internet service to the bed side (clients must provide their own laptop and charging device).

Sleep Apnea Diagnostic Service

Center for Sleep Diagnostics

Service Leaflet
Room & Doctor Fees

Details of Charges
Visiting Hours

  • In order to maintain peaceful environment please refrain from making any loud noises during your visit and keep the noise level from conversations, children, TV, etc to a minimum.
  • In order to reduce the disturbance to other clients and ensure the smooth operation of the ward only two visitors are allowed per visit.
  • There are no parking spaces available for visitors; we apologize for any inconvenience caused. (Public car parking is available at 'Forfar Road' and the housing estate in the vicinity).


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Tel : 2711 5222

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