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Psychological Assessment & Counselling

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Psychological Assessment & Counselling Centre 

Evangel Hospital is committed to providing holistic care to the neighbourhood in the community. Through professional psychological assessment and counselling, the Centre assists clients to gain better understanding of their mental health state and relational situations, to overcome struggles, and to work towards transformation and growth.

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Service Details
We assist clients to face life challenges by exploring their inner resources, grasping pertinent solutions, transforming psychological stress into motivation for growth.

Service Features
We provide quality professional counselling services through caring acceptance, and empathic listening, based on Christian faith and positive psychology.

Service Targets
We provide psychological counselling, assessment and treatment to children, adolescents, adults, the elderly, couples and families.

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We face different challenges in different stages of life. Leave some spaces for yourself to listen to your inner voice and to embrace the future with the strength of your mind and soul via the company of the professional counsellors.

Clinical Psychologist
Our clinical psychologist provides the following services :

  • Developmental Assessment to Children & Adolescents
    Including Emotions, Behaviors, Intelligence, Psycho-social Developments, Learning Disabilities and Attention Functioning.
  • Psychological Assessment & Treatment for Different Age Groups

Psychological Counsellor
Our counselling team helps clients to cope with the following issues :

  • Developmental Needs
    Love relationships, pre-marital counselling, adaptation to marriage, growth in married life, adaptation in the role of parents, parenting, taking care of children with special needs, schooling and career choices, work stress, coping with retirement and etc.
  • Difficult Circumstances
    Crises in life, relationship conflict and loss of significant others.
  • Psychological Distress
    Anxiety, depression, panic and phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder, other emotional traumas and etc.

Mental Health Education (Seminars & Workshops)

We hold different psychological seminars and workshops for schools, private company, non-government organizations and churches. Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries.          


Most Frequently Asked Questions


1        What is psychological counselling?

          Through the guidance of professional psychological counsellors, the counsellees are cared to understand their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and yearnings, so as to assist them to face life challenges by exploring their inner resources, grasping pertinent solutions and transforming psychological stress into motivation for growth.


2        What is the difference between psychological counselling and peer support?

          Psychological counselling is a profession. With rigorous training and clinical supervision, the counsellors treat the counsellees through professional listening and guidance. The counsellors abide strictly by the professional code of ethical conduct.


3        How many sessions are required?

          It varies from person to person. Professional psychological counsellors usually make use of 1-2 sessions to get an initial understanding of the needs and expectations of the counsellees, and then set up treatment goals with them. The process of psychological counselling is like an inner journey. The length of time required for the journey varies, depending on the needs and personal readiness of each individual.


4        Who needs psychological counselling?


People in their lives do experience different stages of change, both physically and mentally. In the face of different challenges, sometimes you need to take a rest and at times you need to be healed; sometimes you need to give yourself a quiet time to listen to your inner voice and at other times you need to be actively listened to; when you are in a certain mood, you want to be understood and know more about yourself.


5        Are the psychological counselling contents kept confidential?

          Professional psychological counsellors adhere to professional confidentiality principles and are subject to Privacy Ordinances. Unless a counsellee has the intention to harm oneself or the others, the psychological counsellor will inform his or her significant others or the relevant medical staff for the safety of the counsellee.


6        Will psychological counsellors prescribe medication as treatment?

          Psychological counsellors will not prescribe medication. If necessary, they will refer the relevant counsellees to an appropriate medical doctor or psychiatrist for follow-up in order to achieve the best therapy result.

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Evangel Hospital Psychological Assessment & Counselling Centre

G/F, 2 Sung Wong Toi Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon.


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