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Chinese Medicine Clinic


Scope of service
Provides an all-rounded treatment services in various specialties including internal medicine, gynaecology, Orthopedic, Pediatrics, ENT and Dermatology. Using herbal granules as an effective and convenient way for medication.
Qualification of our Chinese Medicine Practitioners
All our CMPs are Hong Kong registered and possess copious clinical experience.
Traditional Chinese Medical treatments coupled with modern Western Medical technology to provide holistic care to each and every one of our patients.



Chinese Medicine Treatments
 Herbal Granule Medication
The herbal granule medication is manufactured using modern technology and is matching the International Standard of Good Manufacturing Practice for Drugs. It is a convenient and efficient way for patients to take Chinese medication nowadays in order to strike a yin-yang balance of the body.
We provide a variety of acupuncture treatments to regulate the flow of qi inside the body. Acupuncture is a treatment using one-off metallic needles on appropriate acupoints to adjust the flow of qi and blood in the body and to treat different kinds pains and diseases.
Cupping is a therapeutic method involving the application of suction by placing a vacuumized, usually by fire, cup or jar onto the affected or any part of the body surface. This is to promote blood circulation. It is often used together with acupuncture.
 Pricking and Needling
Pricking and Needling are techniques used to activate the qi and blood in meridians and the functions of the body are regulated by stimulating certain sites on the body with needles.
 Scraping / Gua Sha
Scraping / Gua Sha involves repeated pressured strokes over lubricated skin with a metal cap or similar object with a rounded edge to create Sha. Sha is caused by extravasation of blood from peripheral capillaries that takes 2-4 days to fade. It is used on variety of pains to promote the flow of qi and blood.
 Natural Moxibustion (* seasonal and provide in summer and winter period only)
Subject to the nature of health status of the patients, natural moxibustion is a kind of treatment applying stimulative herbal medicine directly on certain acupoints to promote the flow of qi. It is a kindly of preventive treatment and is particular suitable to those who have asthma and those who are prone to have colds.
Blade Needle
Blade needle is one kind of needle therapy. Unlike the usual acupuncture treatment using filiform needles, the blade needle end shaped like a blade which makes it easier to puncture and stimulate the bodily parts such as muscles, tendons, ligaments etc. The blade needle therapy does not require having the needles stayed in for a short period of time for stimulation purpose, the blade needle will be taken out immediately after the practitioner has finished the manual technique on the concerned body part. Following are some conditions applicable for this therapy, back and neck pain, prolapsed intervertebral disc, tennis elbow, knee problems, sciatica, migraine, facial palsy, neurodermatitis and eczema etc.







Health Care Vouchers can be used for our medicine service provided by the following practitioners:

Ms. Fenny Yu (Chinese Medicine)
Ms. Amy Yeung (Chinese Medicine)
Mr. Chan Kin Hang (Chinese Medicine)

Ms. Lay Man Ki (Chinese Medicine)


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