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7:00am-9:00pm (Including Sunday & Public Holidays) 

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Tel: 2711 5222



The timetable of General Practitioners




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Health Care Vouchers can be used for the outpatient services provided by our team of GPs:

(Please refer to the timetable of General Practitioners)

Dr. Chui Siu Hang Billy (Specialist in Family Medicine)
Dr. Lau Tai Wai David (Specialist in Family Medicine)
Dr. Chang Ka Fai (Specialist in Family Medicine)
Dr. Fong Kin Lee Garry (Specialist in Family Medicine)
Dr. Ng Chun Bor (Specialist in Family Medicine)

Dr. Chen Hing Han (Specialist in Family Medicine)
Dr. Chan Yau Wa
Dr. Hung Hing Ming

Dr. Wong Chun Kit Arthur

Dr. Wong Ming Shun

Dr. Wong Yuen Ping Mariana







Thank you for choosing our Telemedicine Service. Before getting started,
please read the Notes for Using Telemedicine Service and sign with your consent.


Notes for Using Telemedicine Service


Enquiry & Appointment
Tel: 2711 5222








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